Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about our star naming service. Get all the information you need on how to personalise your star gift. Find answers to common questions and make your star-naming experience unforgettable!

Our goal is to give customers the same joy we have when we look up at the night sky.  If one of these packs does not correspond to the description on our website or there is a missing it, we may provide you with a full refund. Please contact our customer service.

Delivery outside the UK

We’re sending all the orders by Royal Mail International Tracked Delivery from the United Kingdom. You will be able to see the progress of the delivery of your order.  Please note customs charges may apply in your country, all the customs and duties charges should be paid by you.

If your order is returned to us due to unpaid charges we will not provide a refund or resent your order.

What does it mean Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU)?

Our business is based in the UK, outside the EU single market and therefore when you order from us and you are based in the EU, you may need to pay VAT and other duties upon the delivery of the package. We are unable to consult which duties are due in your country.


Your order can be cancelled up to 15 min after payment for your purchase has been made. To cancel your order please contact our Customer Service. You will need to provide your name and unique registration number, which can be found in your order confirmation email. We will not be able to cancel any orders after 15 min from the moment of purchase.


If you have not received your order please contact our Customer Service at orders@fromtheskyregistry.com . You will need to provide your name and unique registration number, which can be found in your order confirmation email.

I have provided the wrong delivery address, what shall I do?

If you have provided the wrong delivery address for Star Folder, Star Box or Star Poster delivery, please contact our Customer Service immediately at orders@fromtheskyregistry.com.

Please note we will not refund or dispatch a new gift if you have provided the wrong delivery address and did not contact our customer service within 90 min after placing your orders.

How's my star gift is delivered?

Digital Star: your Digital Star pack is delivered by email within 18h from the moment of purchase. The gift email to your friend will be delivered on a chosen by you date.

Star Folder or Star Box: we usually* send our Star Folders and Star Boxes by Royal Mail 24 service and it usually takes 2-4 working days to get your package delivered in the UK. For the international orders, we send the packages by Royal Mail International Tracked delivery and it takes up to 10 working days for your gift to arrive.

* during the Christmas period we might change the provider to provide a faster service.

Star Posters: are usually delivered within 7 working days from the moment of purchase. If you have ordered our Star Folder or Star Box as well, they will arrive in different deliveries.

What are the star cooridnates

Star coordinates are a set of numerical values that describe the position of a star in the sky. They help astronomers locate and identify stars and are usually expressed in Right Ascension and Declination, or longitude and latitude on the celestial sphere. These coordinates allow you to locate your named star in the night sky and serve as a unique identifier for each star.

We include star coordinates in your star registration certificate and star information sheet.

Check our guide to learn more about Right Ascension and Declination.

Is the star naming certificate legal?

The star naming certificate is not a legal document, but it is a meaningful and personal way to commemorate a special moment, person, or memory.

How to find my star?

Your star is registered in our global star registry available  in our International Electronic Star Registry https://www.fromtheskyregistry.com/star-registry/

Just add your unique order number in the search bar and your star registration will be available here.

Please allow up to 24h for your star to appear in our star registry.

If you have any further questions, let us know. We are always happy to help.

I have a promotion coupon how can I use it?

We may run promotion campaigns on promotion websites, the code you receive is valid only for one purchase and has the value disclosed on the coupon website for the products mentioned on the campaign page as redeemable locations on the coupon websites, please refer to the campaign promo page for all the details. The code must be applied during the moment of purchase, no codes can be applied to the past orders, no refunds can be issued.

If you have received a coupon directly from us, please refer to the T&Cs of your voucher which is always sent to you with the code.

If your code is cancelled with our advertising partner after you redeemed it with us, your star registration will be cancelled and the star name will be removed from the star registry within 48h. If you have purchased any extras such as Star Folder, Star Box or Star Poster and redeemed your coupon and then cancelled it with a partner who issued your coupon, we will deduct £15 admin fee prior to processing your refund for any products purchased on fromtheskyregistry.com. If you wish to cancel your order where you used the coupon, you need to contact us within 90-min from the moment of your purchase.


You can give your star whatever name you wish. It should be between 2 and 25 characters.

Can I order another copy of my star registration certificate?

Yes, you can order as many of them as you wish. Please refer to your account and choose a suitable for you gift pack.


At From the Sky® Registry, every time a star is named on our website, we handle the order and document the star registration in our database. Our registry is a commercially managed system, where star names are recorded, managed, and monitored.

Our star registry is based on the Hipparcos catalogue, a scientific database of numbered stars. We associate a unique name to each star number in the catalogue.


Scientists all over the world name stars in astronomical star catalogues such as the Hipparcos catalogue. Generally, astronomers give stars numbers rather than names to make identifying them easier. Though so of the brighter stars have ancient Arabic names. Naming your star is a symbolic gesture and is not recognised by the International Astronomical Union or the wider scientific community. All the information about your star is kept only in our registry, EStarRegistry. We can’t provide any legal attribution to the stars. Star Naming is a symbolic gift service.

What is star naming?

Star naming is the process of assigning a name to a star in the sky. It is a unique and personal way to immortalise a special moment, memory, or person. Naming a star is an online gift service where any individual can symbolically attribute a name to a star from our star catalogue. The name will be registered in our star registry and you will receive a gift certificate of attribution which can be electronic or printed.

Are the stars named more than once in registry?

No, all the stars are named just once in our registry. It means that a star with specific star co-ordinates will be attributed only once in our star registry, From the Sky® Registry.  With billions of stars in the universe, the star you name will be unique to you in our star registry.

I can't log in what shall I do?

It’s quick and easy to reset your password. Please go on this page and follow all the instructions.

Why do I need My Account?

Your account keeps all your star registration in one place. You can find the information about your orders, your star registration and also correct any spelling or order Star Folder, Star Box or Star Poster for existing star registrations.

How is my account created?

We create an account on our website for all the new customers. Your password is sent to you by email after your first purchase.

Which payments do you accept?

Paying for your gift is completely safe and secure, the payments are processed by Stripe using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools. We do not store credit card details nor do we share details with any 3rd parties.

We accept the major credit cards:
Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos

We accept PayPal payments as well.

How do you provide customer service?

You can contact us any time by email at orders@fromtheskyregistry.com or Facebook Messenger. One of our agents will come back to you within 24h, during busy periods our customer service is open during the weekends and bank holidays.

Can I change a constellation?

We allow 90 min to change your constellation, after the 90-min period we will not be able to change the constellation for your star registration. Please log into your Personal Cabinet to request the change.

Do you check my spelling?

No, we don’t, we keep the spelling as you have provided including upper and lower case characters. If you think there is a typo, please log in to your account and follow the instructions to correct any personalised information.


Thank you for contacting our customer service. We are here to assist you. It’s quick and easy to correct your personalisation details.
Please read all the information below.


  • Log in your ACCOUNT. We have created your account automatically when you placed your order and sent your password by email
  • Navigate to MY STARS tab and click on EDIT INFO
  • Save it and we will process it.
  • If you have ordered a Star Folder, Star Box or Star Poster and you change the personalisation details within 90 min from the moment of purchase, we will add the changes to your Star Folder, Star Box or Star Poster automatically.


After the 90-min grace period, you can still change your Digital Star pack, a charge of £5 applies. We will not process corrections for your Star Folder or Star Poster automatically unless you select them during the checkout, fees apply. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Log in your ACCOUNT . We have created your account automatically when you placed your order and sent your password by email
  • Navigate to MY STARS, click on CORRECT MY STAR
  • Check your Star Registration Number, make sure it’s correct
  • Select up to 2 fields you’d like to change. We will replace the text with the new one exactly as you typed it in. We will not change upper/lower case characters, line returns, comas etc.
  • If you’d like to change Star Folder or Star Poster, please select the respective fields and proceed to the checkout.
  • If you have pre-ordered our Star Box, we will process the changes automatically, you don’t need to select the Star Box during the checkout.
  • Proceed and place your order.

Please note we are unable to process the correction through Customer Service, please proceed to your ACCOUNT.


We can’t guarantee that all the non-English language characters will be displayed as you submit them to us as not all the fonts can display them correctly. Examples of characters that might not be displayed: è, é, ë, û, œ and other.

Please contact our customer service for further assistance, we will try to find an alternative font.

Contact our customer service: orders@fromtheskyregistry.com